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  • Catching Up With Jenny: One Year Later

Catching Up With Jenny: One Year Later

Just last month Lema J Design celebrated her first major milestone. As often happens during the course of an entire year, much has changed, grown and expanded since the company’s inaugural months.

“We are working with python now,” exclaims Jenny excitedly. Jenny Becker Benscher is Lema J Design’s Creative Director. In November of 2013, she co-founded the purposeful jewelry brand along with sister Jill Becker, CEO.

“I have always been fascinated by the tactile,” Jenny gushes. “By different sorts of textiles and repetitive patterns. This gorgeous python leather we are working with now is rich in color: metallics, navys, beautiful neutrals.” The passion she has for her craft is obvious to anyone in earshot. “We work with paint and glaze and other methods, and seal the scales onto the hide, so the cuff is ultimately very durable.”

The new Lema J python line is not yet available on their online shop, though it certainly will be soon as it has been largely popular at trunk and craft shows from New York to Los Angeles. And don’t expect to see the brand’s expansion into new products nor their exploration of new materials waning any time soon: “we have a ton of amazing thoughts for this upcoming year. We’re toying with the idea of decorative, yet functional items for around the home. But I won’t say more than that right now,” adds Jenny with a grin.

Though the Becker sisters and their countrywide base of loyal customers are certainly excited about the way Lema J is growing, there is, of course, much about the brand that has not changed. At its core, Lema J Design is still the same company that the sisters founded last November. In a haze of family tragedy and sorrow, the sisters endeavored–conjuring Love, Empowerment, Motion and a sense of Adventure–to take their experience and turn it into something positive. “Something…with purpose,” says Jenny. “Our mission is still the same–perhaps it’s even gotten stronger.”

Indeed, 100% of Lema J’s proceeds are now donated to the Karma For Cara Foundation, a charity started by Jill’s daughter Cara whilst in treatment for Leukemia, before passing away in December of 2012. Read more about Cara’s story and Karma for Cara’s three-fold mission HERE.

The type of women who buy Lema J’s cuffs for a cause are all “so warm and supportive, welcoming and connected. It has been a pleasure to meet such wonderful people on this journey,” says Jenny. “It’s more than just a product, you know? More than just a piece of jewelry. It’s a common thread– something that connects like minded women across the country to something somewhat greater.”

Lema J’s New Python Line


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