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Soul Cycle Ride & An Inspiring Letter From Our Friend Karen

How do we overcome adversity? 

How do we provide a united front against threats to our hearts, health & souls?

What would we do without our friends & family?

The letter from our friend Karen (below) answers many of those questions in a pragmatic and action-oriented way. When we collaborate with those we love, our united effort becomes a formidable force.

Please join us in supporting Karen. If you live in Chicago, we encourage you to take the SoulCycle class on April 1st. If you don’t live in Chicago, please consider one of the other alternatives.

Lema J featured in article from Chicago Ideas Week!

'Is There Time?' Is Not the Right Question to Ask

Time is inevitable. It goes by quickly when we’re having fun, and slowly when we’re bored. It is the one honest disappearing act; once it’s gone, it’s truly gone forever. There are no trapdoors one can use to make it reappear.

At the fifth-annual Chicago Ideas Week Edison Talks on Oct. 16, I learned a lot about time.